GreenJackets host kids baseball camp

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday night, GreenJackets' starter Joan Gregorio wowed the crowd, throwing seven no-hit innings in a big Augusta win. That's not the most important thing the GreenJackets have done this week, though.

By night, they're doing their job playing baseball. By day, the Jackets are taking the role of coach.

For the past three days, Augusta's players have hosted the GreenJackets Kids Camp, teaching the game to nearly 100 young ball players.

Some kids were there because they love the game. Others just wanted to check it out. No matter the reason why they were there, the whole experience was something special.

"Well, my parents wanted to get rid of me, and I love baseball," joked nine-year-old camper Braelyn Stephens.

"I like baseball, and I always like to come watch these people play baseball," said nine-year-old C.J. Farmer. "They're just cool people, and my mama said she wanted me to come out here."

For 11-year-old Javin Doggett, it was quite an experience playing at Lake Olmstead Stadium with the pros.

"I think it's a privilege, and it's been pretty cool because they've been teaching us a lot," Doggett said.

It wasn't just boys playing here. There were multiple girls in attendance including sisters River and Victoria Good. They've seen the GreenJackets play many times before, and that was what drew them out.

"I like the GreenJackets a lot, and he (her dad) said the GreenJackets are going to coach us and all that," eight-year-old Victoria Good said. "it's pretty cool to know that we're going to meet the GreenJackets."

The experience didn't end when the camp did at noon Friday. Most of the campers got tickets to Friday night's game against Lakewood as well.

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