GreenJackets confident entering season's second half

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Step one is in the books for the GreenJackets. A 5-1 win Thursday night got them off to the right start for the second half of the season. Now they just have to keep it going.

After fading down the stretch before the All-Star break, Augusta fell out of the first half division title picture.

Hope isn't lost, though. The second half of the season is here, and if the Jackets have the best record in the next 70 games, they're playoff bound.

With the confidence level these guys have, don't be surprised if they pull it together and make it happen.

"The first half, obviously we could have done better, but at the same time we won some games, and we showed that we can play with anyone in this league. That's a good sign," said catcher Eric Sim. "Now in the second half, especially with last night's win, we've got something good going on."

Pitcher Mason McVey added, "We're playing a lot better as a team, pitching and hitting. There were some games where or hitting was and our pitching was on or our pitching was off and our hitting was on, but now it looks like we're both playing really well."

Augusta continues a six-game homestand Friday night before hitting the road next week.

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