GreenJacket pitcher could be key to playoff run

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Wednesday July 31, 2013

The Augusta GreenJackets are back to work at Lake Olmstead Stadium, and it's hard to believe but just over a month left in the season. Work to be done if the Jackets are to chase down the top spot in the division.

If they're going to make the playoffs, it'll be with pitching. One guy who could play a huge role, Martin Agosta. In the first half of the season, agosta was probably the ace of the staff. But in late June, things kind of got a way from him. Being pretty high up on the Giants prospect list, they gave Agosta a start off hoping he'd find his groove back. Then, a few weeks ago, a blister developed on a finger. He's a competitor and is ancy to get back to being one of the top pitchers in the league

"I want to go out there and pitch every day" said Martin Agosta "Like after the whole thing in Charleston, and then the all star game, I just watned to go back out there and throw. Even though the blister, I thought was good a couple of days later, they were cautious about it and looking out after my future which I appreciate but you know my competitive spirit, I want to go out there and pitch"

He's still in the top ten in strikeouts in the league and his eight wins are tied for fourth. If he's 100%, the trio of him Kendry Flores and Chris Stratton could be the best rotation in the league.

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