GreenJacket new manager ready for the challenges ahead

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Could be the start of something big for some of these guys. The Giants organization has realized the ballpark and this league is pitcher friendly

And again the organization has sent some of their best young arms to town including first round draft pick Chris Stratton. But to lead the young talent you need the right guy in charge. This year that falls on Mike Goff. He's been around baseball a long time at all levels of the game. There's something about class a that really intrigues him.

"The younger kids, I've always enjoyed this level, much more then the upper levels" said manager Mike Goff "Strictly from the, they keep me young. They keep me hungry, they don't let me miss a beat every day and like I tell them from day one, I don't expect you to do anything I don't do."

"You know, they know what they're talking about" said pitcher Chris Stratton " A lot of San Francisco's talent in the big leagues is home grown. So just being here with all these coaches, so I'm just listening and try to soak up everything I can and that's what I'm really trying to do."

It's not just players who get promoted in the Giants organization. Heck, a few years ago Roberto Kelly was managing here, then ended up on the Giants staff. Andy Skeels and Dave Machamer, two other guys who are now managing at higher levels.

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