Glascock County adds some offense and fight for 2014

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Aug. 17, 2014 GIBSON, GA-- Glascock County football has made some changes to its team. This season, the offense may look a little bit different. The Panthers hope it can help make the win-loss record look a bit different, as well.

Glascock County Panthers

The team was hit hard by injuries last season which definitely played into a 1-9 year. As always under coach Chris Kelly, the Panthers will run the Wing-T offense, but they've added some extra pieces to it.

A Glascock team has a different kind of fight to it, and this one will be no different.

"We're continuing to run the Wing-T, we're just adding a few wrinkles to it. It's been a slow process. I mean, our kids can wake up Christmas morning and yell a Wing-T play out, and they know how to run it. This new stuff is a little different for them," Kelly said.

"We're all country boys out here. Country boys never want to quit with anything, so going up against bigger schools doesn't really give us a problem we just always go at it full speed," senior Ryan Martin said.

Even though the offense is a current work in progress. Quarterback Tre Little returns to help speed up the process.

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