Georgia coaches pay a visit to the Garden City

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Thursday May 9, 2013

Martinez, ga--Red and black the colors of the night at the Savannah Rapids Pavillion. The annual Bulldog club get together.

While head coach Mark Richt didn't make it, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo did. He along with basketball head man Mark Fox on hand to talk Bulldog sports. A lot of positives as the programs move forward. The Dawgs should be in the mix for a national title while the hoops team is a squad on the rise. Yea, plenty of smiles to go around tonight.

"Last year and what happened last year and patting ourselves on the back because we broke some records offensively is not going to get us where we need to go this year" said Mike Bobo "We're constantly working on just getting better everyday and letting that take care of itself if we handle the little things day in and day out."

"It's important that you learn how to win and you learn how to beat quality SEC teams and last year to beat Tennessee and Kentucky and play as well as we did down the stretch, I think these guys understand what it takes to win at that level"

By the way, Mike Bobo, was born in Augusta. Oh, by the way...113 days til georgia kicks off the season against Clemson, not like anybody's counting or anything.

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