Garret Siler with a quick trip home for basketball camp

"Gentle Giant" Garret Siler
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June 16, 2014

Augusta, Ga--His stay in Augusta may be brief, but he's making the most out of it. Today, Garret Siler returning for his fourth basketball camp. Tomorrow, he's heading out for his real job, pro basketball.

Siler is in his first season with Puerto rico's Arecibo squad. The playoffs start on Wednesday, making this his only full day with his campers. By sheer size alone, Siler's made a big impact on his new team. But mostly, he's working to stay in shape for a possible nba call. If his campers had a choice, they definitely think he's ready for the NBA.

"I think he's really good because he's done a lot of basketball professionally. He gets along with everybody." said Kate Lee

"He still plays overseas. He doesn't play in the NBA anymore, but he still plays basketball so he can play basketball anytime he wants." added Kaleb Logan

"Of course, you always want to go back to the NBA, so especially working out and working hard in the summer time it definitely helps instead of sitting back at home. Playing there keeps you in good condition and ready whenever the call may come." said Garret Siler

While Siler is in Augusta, he's making sure those campers are working hard moving station to station with different drills. Siler's current team is the number one seed in the playoffs in Puerto Rico so he might not be back for a while, depending on how they fair.

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