Garet Siler to return to China to play basketball

"Gentle Giant" Garret Siler
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Tuesday October 16, 2012

Augusta, Ga--The NBA season is just about to start and former Augusta State star Garret Siler is a man without a team. Well kind of.

For the second time in his pro career, Siler will head to China to play. There's more to it then not having a team in the NBA seeing the Washington Wizards are interested in him. But instead of sitting on the bench here, he can play there, make a few more bucks and then possibly be ready more then ever when he returns.

"Coming back, hopefully at the end of their season, I'll still have three or four months and the Wizards want to bring me back to their organization so hopefully when I get back I'll have a lot more playing time under my belt and just more exposure."

Siler is leaving in the next few weeks. Remember he saw very limited action wth the Phoenix Suns, his last stint in the NBA.

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