GRU Augusta set to battle Paine College

(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)
(Background credit: MGN Online / hdwallpapersfree)
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It's the city classic college style Saturday night on the basketball front. Paine College and GRU Augsuta squaring off at Chrsitenberry Fieldhouse.

Jags coming off a tough overtime loss against Benedict and these guys are getting hungry. Some tough games in the early going has left GRU with a three and two mark. While they've shown spurts of being a good team, there's plenty to work on and some of it has to do with mindset.

"The thing I'm concerned with now do we hate losing more then we like winning" said Dip Metress "Right now we like winning but don't hate losing so I think we reaffirmed that the other day in a practice session that we're going to dislike losing as much as we like winning"

"I think the main thing is probably execution and probably going harder in practice" said Ryan Weems

Women's game starts at 5:30 with the men to follow.