From student to teacher, Nolan Belcher enjoys coaching spotlight

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Dec. 27, 2013 EVANS, Ga-- After graduation, former South Carolina pitcher Nolan Belcher transitioned quickly from student to teacher.

It was announced in August that Belcher would be joining the USC Aiken baseball program as an assistant coach. So far, he's enjoying the move from Gamecock to Pacer.

According to Belcher, the coaching offer came quickly.

Looking for work after getting his degree, he met USC Aiken's head recruiter at a camp near Columbia, setting the wheels in motion.

He brought his coaching technique to Saturday's Greenbrier baseball camp. The most important technique he can bring to the Pacers baseball team is experience.

"The experiences I had at Carolina, I can take those with me wherever I go. Being close in age with the players, hopefully they listen to me a little bit more," Belcher said with a smile.

"I went through an injury, I went through not playing much, to being an impact player (at South Carolina), so I have a lot of good experiences."

Belcher is prepared if baseball turns out not to be his lasting profession. Currently, he's working toward his Master's degree in Business Administration.