Frank Martin: USC Aiken basketball is successful model to follow

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Oct. 29, 2013 Frank Martin is ready for his second season of South Carolina basketball.

Opening the season this weekend, his Gamecocks may get a serious test right out of the gate

Martin visited USC Aiken Tuesday for a meet and greet with boosters. Coincidentally, his team will open the season with an exhibition against the Aiken squad this Sunday.

Coming off an NCAA Division Two quarterfinal appearance, the Pacers are bringing some serious talent, and again, have been rated as a top national team.

So, what are the odds of an upset in Columbia? Martin gave all the credit to his opponent.

"There are a lot of good division two programs, like USC Aiken, that are good enough to beat a lot of division one schools," Martin said. "The experience, the culture that they've built here is something that we have to face."

The Pacers are taking a tour through the SEC in exhibition games.

They'll get their money's worth in big time challenges opening at Ole Miss on Friday before their contest against the Gamecocks.