Former Laney star makes the adjustment to big time college basketball

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Augusta, Ga--A lot of folks think the jump from high school sports to college isn't that big. Well, it is. The caliber of athletes is so much better across the board. For Laney product Khadijah Cave, she's found that out at Baylor.

Having completed her freshman year, Cave learned a lot. She actually played in every game averaging 13 minutes and was second on the team in blocked shots. The transition wasn't easy, seeing she dominated during time at with the Wildcats. Not so with the Bears where they all play at a high level.

"Stronger girls and taller girls. I use to be the tallest in high school but now I go against people my size and my height and they're stronger then me so I need to get stronger and get in the weight room and get bigger" said Khadijah Cave "At first I wouldn't say intimidated, but nervous, but after a while I got use to it and the longer I was on the floor the more I got use to it."

Kay kay should only get better and stronger with more workouts and has WNBA aspirations. She readily admits she gets home sick but knows she made the right choice in going to Baylor.

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