Former Brave John Rocker at GreenJackets game

Atlanta Braves
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Wednesday July 31, 2013

Augusta, Ga--Former Braves reliever John Rocker on hand Wednesday's Augusta GreenJacket game. Rocker promoting his new book, signing some autographs and posing for pictures with the fans. It's been just over a decade now since Rocker toed the rubber in a big league uniform. He's always been outspoken and at times, controversial. But he still knows the game and knows from class A to the big leagues isn't as big of a jump as we might think.

"It's all mental man" said John Rocker "The physical difference between these guys and the big league guys is that much, it's not much. It's the mental grind. It's going out, giving up a three spot the day before and being able to go out the next day and flip the mental page and still be able to walk out there with the shoulders back and your head up and knowing you're going to be successful that night"

Rocker actually played in Augusta back in the day when he wore a Rome uniform. He now lives in Atlanta and says the game hasn't changed that much since he put on a uniform.

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