Former ASU golfer chasing the dream on the min tours

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Tuesday June 25, 2013

Augusta, Ga--When Augusta State won their last golf title in 2011, they beat Georgia in the finals. Of the 10 guys playing that day, five are already on the PGA Tour. A couple of others are chasing the dream, among them, ASU product Mitch Krywulycz.

Krywulycz was a big part of the back to back titles having won the clinching point in the first crown. Now a days, he's hard at work on the egolf tour. It's far from the big time and it's not cheap. He does have a win this year and is 13th on the money list, but when you're shelling out nearly $1000 to play each event, the money is always in the back of your mind.

"You know it's important and you feel it after you miss a couple of cuts, definitely" said Mitch Krywulycz "You got to somehow just put it beyond you, it's not about the money, you just have to try to get better each week and it's hard to do. Defintely when you're playing badly, it's hard to pretend like money doesn't exist but it's the only way"

But there's plenty of success stories from these mini tours. Last year, he former teammate and good friend Henrik Norlander was right there along side of mitch on the tour. Now, he's playing with the big boys. Norlander and Patrick Reed certainly give mitch a little more inspiration.

"The motivation part is seeing it's achievable" added Mitch "They way they play and you see that it's possible, it's definetly motivating and gives you a little more confidence in yourself. But for me, it's just great to see Henrik out there.I know that's where he should be and that's his kind of playground"

With the changes in the PGA Tour qualifying school this year, Krywulycz is hoping to get a spot on the Web.Com tour next year. If not, he may head to South America or even Canada to see if he can get playing privledges there. He's still young so in no hurry to give chasing the dream.

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