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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We're four years into the Ed Moore era at Barnwell, and this year the WarHorses have a clear goal.

Before winning region titles or state championships, it's all about sticking to the plan and finishing games.

That was the major problem in a 5-7 campaign a year ago, and at no time was that more clear than the regular season finale at Silver Bluff.

Barnwell led by two touchdowns with just three minutes left but lost in overtime. There's no doubt performances like that have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the WarHorses, and they're ready to put games like that in the past this time around.

Moore said, "Last year we had a very young and inexperienced team. We went out, and we weren't quite ready to finish off games and finish off opponents. That's something that we've focused on in the offseason. It started back in January in the weight room is finishing the drill, finishing the situation and finishing the opponent."

Detravian Johnson added, "We gotta stay playing hard, stay focused. We gotta stay consistent and keep playing the way we play and don't let other teams bully us around."

The team was extremely young and inexperienced last year, which means just the opposite this time around.

Moore expects a lot from a big, strong line this year, and sophomore Shakur Chisolm is the lead returning rusher.

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