Father, son duo lead Glenn Hills' title chase

Glenn Hills Spartans
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Feb. 14, 2014 AUGUSTA, Ga-- Competition can sometimes get heated. Tensions run high between players and their coach. But, just imagine if the coach were also your dad.

"I've just got to shake it off and go with it...That's all i can do. Even though, he's my daddy, he's also my coach, he just wants what's best for me," Glenn Hills senior Aubrey McRae said.

It's the daily set up in the McRae household. Both leaders for the Glenn Hills basketball team in important positions. Aubrey, the senior scoring leader. Travis McRae, the Spartans veteran head coach.

However, with on- the-court discussions, the give and take goes with "father knowing best."

"I've got to go home with him, so that's basically what it is...I just let him have it," Aubrey McRae said.

All the talk aside, X's and O's aren't a daily subject at the McRae dinner table. The family preaches patience, love and respect for the game, but most importantly, for each other.

"He's one of the best coaches, as a matter of fact he is the best coach in the city. It would always be an honor to play for him," Aubrey said.

"I know he hasn't cut any corner to get where he's at. He's always worked hard. To see him play this way is real special," Coach McRae said.

High school was the first time the two McRae's worked together, but it won't be the last.

Coaching runs in the family and Aubrey has even considered coaching sometime in the future.

"Knowing that my grandaddy was a great coach, and my dad is a great coach. That's something that I want to look in to," Aubrey said.

As for now, McRae is focused on one last good run with Glenn Hills. The Spartans players count on him, much like they did when his father played for Glenn Hills several years ago.

"It's a good feeling to have your son play for you, and put on the same jersey that you did," Coach McRae said.

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