Fans get to meet Augusta State basketball teams

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Thursday November 8, 2012

Christmas decorations are going up, football playoffs are now underway which means the college basketball season is pretty much here. Thursday, fans of Augusta State getting to meet their teams for the upcoming season.

It all started as a back yard get together for some folks to get to know the players and now has blossomed into this. A couple of hundred folks were on hand as both the men and women's teams were introduced. It's events like this where the fans get to see the players personality off the court, instead of on.

"They see us on the court and see our personality and attitude on the court and when we come off the court we just have a lot different personality." said D'Angelo Boyce "We're talkative, we're just different from on the court and off the court."

"Get to show their personalities and they have unique personalities, we know that" said Dip Metress "It's a great thing, our players do a great job. Nate's (Tymer) girls do a great job interacting and that's how you build a fan base. Hopefully these people will come back and bring more people and that's what happened this year."

Jags women start saturday, the men won't open the campaign til the 20th. The goal, hang more banners in Christneberry Fieldhouse.

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