Falcons fall just a couple plays short of Super Bowl

Atlanta Falcons
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Every NFL season, only one team ends the year happy, and despite all their success, it won't be the Falcons this time around.

Atlanta did everything right for awhile in Sunday's NFC Championship, but it doesn't seem to mean much now.

The difference in just a couple plays meant going home instead of punching a ticket to the Super Bowl in two weeks, but that's the way it works in the pros.

These guys are so good that one or two plays are all it takes to decide which team advances, and which one has to clean out their lockers on Monday.

Quarterback Matt Ryan said, "We just got into those 3rd and 4th down situations in the red zone, and those are the plays you have to make. To win in the playoffs you have to make those kind of plays in those kind of drives, and we didn't make them."

"I felt like we had the opportunities," added Head Coach Mike Smith. "Again, we just didn't make the plays when the opportunities arose."

The Falcons' season is over, but the outcome isn't a total loss for Augusta.

Butler's Carlos Rogers will represent the CSRA in the Super Bowl. If the 49ers win, it will be the third straight year a player from the area has taken home the Lombardi Trophy following Lincoln County's Jarius Wynn in 2011 with the Packers and Josey's Deon Grant last year with the Giants.

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