Experience key to Brentwood's 2013 success

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brentwood Eagles

At Brentwood School, there's a tradition of winning and not so long ago, a tradition of championships.

Last year's War Eagles didn't bring home the state title, but the confidence they got along the way might mean a special 2013.

The record was only 7-6, but Brentwood made a move when they had to, advancing all the way to the state semifinals. They lost that game, but coming into the postseason as a number four seed, that built a lot of momentum.

Now, with almost the entire team back, expectations are high in Sandersville.

"We only had four seniors on last year's squad, so what that should mean going into this year is that we've got as many as nine starters back on each side of the football," said Head Coach Bert Brown. "Of course, that doesn't guarantee things, but it does give us a lot of experience and knowledge going into this year."

Running back Nick Pullen added, "We play for each other, play for the team and give it all for your brother right beside you on the field. We lost four players, but 90% of the team is juniors and seniors this year so we hopefully should do good."

The Eagles don't get a break out of the gate. In three of the first four weeks they get another 2012 semifinalist, John Milledge, then the two teams they knocked out of the postseason a year ago, Piedmont and Gatewood.

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