Even Palace Malice's rivals knew the Belmont was his

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

"It was exactly the scenario that we hoped for."

Those are the words of Dogwood Stable owner Cot Campbell after his horse, Palace Malice, dominated the Belmont Stakes.

It's common knowledge that the people of Aiken are proud of their place in the horse racing pantheon, but no Aikenite is prouder than the owner himself.

It takes a lot of variables coming together to win a horse race and even more to take one of the jewels of the Triple Crown, but Palace Malice and the Dogwood Stable team did it Saturday night.

Maybe the best part...even the rest of the field realized they were racing for second place.

Campbell said, "When Palace Malice ranged up to challenge Oxbow, the rider on Oxbow, Gary Stevens, said to Mike (Smith), 'Go on little brother. You got more horse than I got.' He's been an unlucky horse, and it was gratifying today to see that if he had some decent luck he could prove that he's one of the best horses in the world."

The win is the first in the Belmont Stakes for Dogwood Stable.

They did win the Preakness back in 1990 and have been 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Kentucky Derby.

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