Darin Prazer takes on new karate challenges

Monday July 1, 2013

Evans, Ga--When Darin Prazer was growing up, he watched all the Bruce Lee and Kung Fu movies. It inspired him to take up the sport. Next month he'll be in Arkansas vying for a world championship in just one of the many disciplines of martial arts, and this one's relatively new to him.

"It's definitely a little different then just using your hands and your feet, to use a weapon" said fifth degree black belt Darin Prazer "But it actually turned out to be a lot more fun then I thought it would be too. It's almost like an advanced pillow fight when we're doing it"

A pillow fight may be the analogy but it's combat weapons sparring and its getting pretty insane.

Darin Prazer is a fifth degree black belt that holds titles in forms, the tradition style we're use to seeing. Now he's expanding his horizons.

"I just grabbed it right away. Knowing where to strike, when to strike, the strategies of sparring but now using a different part of your body, an extension of your body." added Prazer

Combat weapons sparring is relatively new but you can see why it's catching on all over the country.

"It's been amazing in the whole ATA to see it start with just a few people doing it to already in just a couple of years exploding to where 45% or so are doing it now"

Prazer teaches many styles of martial arts and this discipline pushes him further then it has in the past.

"It's kind of a novelty at first, but then they truly enjoy it because there is a lot of skill involved. There's a lot more movement involved in this one then regular sparring because you have to get way out away and further faster, so it really has a little more movement in this one."

While Prazer would love to win a world title, in the long run, it's hist student's that are the true winners.

"I just have a determination and drive to do my best. To be an example for my students to always do their best and I think if I'm continuing to strive to reach goals then I'm really leading by example"


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