Ashleigh Outler piles up points, wins for Cross Creek

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Jan. 13, 2014 AUGUSTA, Ga-- The points started coming and they really haven't stopped for Cross Creek's Ashleigh Outler.

Cross Creek Razorbacks

A varsity career that started four years ago has turned into one for the record books in the Razorbacks program.

The points are piling up, and so too have the wins for the Razorbacks.

Outler's effort this past Friday has her closing in on 1,400 career points. A first for the girls basketball program.

Hard work got her and the team to this point. In the offseason, Outler has traveled to Columbia to work with the South Carolina basketball program, and the team aspect isn't lost on this senior.

"It was the team. Once we got closer (as a group) that was it. That's all we needed was to get closer. Once I score, and then my teammates score, it just became fun. I didn't realize I had that many points. It was just fun.," Outler said.

Friday's game was a special one with a lot of special people in the crowd. Family traveled from all over to surprise Outler at the game.

A near triple-double was the end result as Outler sets her sights on the 1,500 point barrier before the end of her high school career.