Cross Creek track standout comes back after major ACL surgery

Cross Creek Razorbacks
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Augusta, Ga--A year ago, Cross Creek's Devon Diamond was a big part of the 4 by 400 state title winning team. Diamond had a bright future ahead of him. Then, devastation, a torn ACL during football season. Track has been his first love and he's now worked his way back.

The Razorback senior thought his track days were over and admitting he shed some tears after the torn ACL. But modern medicine is a great thing and this week he ran in his first event since the injury. While the physical scars are still visable, it was the mental one that may hav e been the toughest to beat.

"I was really nervous because I was afraid. Something inside of me told me I was a little bit afraid to run on my leg like it was now. But something told me to go out here and leave everything on the track" said Devon Diamond

The relief of knowing the leg is fine is very evident and his outlook is bright. He's hoping to be a leader for the team with the region meet coming up after spring break and is lookingforwrad to another shot at a state championship as well.

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