Chipper Jones serves as guest of honor at GAMES award banquet

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Tuesday May 7, 2013

Atlanta Braves

Augusta, Ga--The crazy train arrived in Augusta tonight, Chipper Jones the guest of honor at the Augusta Sprots Council GAMES award banquet this evening. Once again, the top amateur athletes in the CSRA being showcased among their piers.

Of course Chipper was part of the draw tonight. The sure fire hall of famer brought his mom and dad with him to instill a little Chipper wisdom on the next level of athletes. As far as whether or not he misses putting on the Braves uniform, the answer is pretty simple.

"Going there and throwing out the first pitch, I got the ping a little bit" said Chipper Jones "But day two when I woke up I didn't miss it a bit. The grind really got the best of me and quite frankly my knees can't take playing 162 games anymore"

Jones said he loves watching this team play from the comfort of the couch and now can be more part of his kids lives then ever before.

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