Campbell reacts to Dogwood Stable fire

picture of Dogwood Stables jockey uniform
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The news of a massive fire at Dogwood Stable comes as an extremely sobering moment for the group and the city of Aiken. Not only has the stable been a staple of the city for decades, it's been on an all-time high recently.

Just over a month ago when Dogwood's Palace Malice won the Belmont Stakes, President Cot Campbell declared "They're dancing in the streets of Aiken."

Now, the people of Aiken are in shock at losing an historic part of their stable.

Campbell though, knows they'll rally around Dogwood now just like they did a month ago.

"The city is going to be, you know, moved by it, having just been moved by the win in the Belmont Stakes," Campbell said. "I'm sure the Dogwood operation is very much on the minds of the people that live in Aiken, but everybody's in good shape and it's going to be okay."

Campbell hasn't actually been able to see the damage done because he's in Saratoga, New York, with Palace Malice, who's running again next weekend.

He said, though, that this fire won't bring down Dogwood Stable. They have plenty of stalls, and they'll be just fine.

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