Burke County preparing for a trip to the Georgia Dome

Burke County Bears
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Tuesday August 20, 2013

Waynesboro, Ga--If you're going to do a preseason high school football poll in the area, the team at the top of the list is most likely Burke County. Two years ago they won it all, last year, a trip to the state semifinals. This year, they want to get back to the Georgia Dome.

It begins and ends with quarterback Donquell Green. Everyone in the state pretty much knows the name by now. While he's not the biggest, he's just one of the most electrifying players around and knows how to win. Green's gotten better every year at quarterback and may be underrated on the defensive side of the ball. Now in his senior season, he's being asked to be more of a leader off the field as much as on.

"My coaching staff wants me to be a better vocal leader" said Donquell Green "I feel like the young guys will listen to me more then they'll listen to what somebody else will say. So if I become a better leader then I feel like it will help my team out a lot"

"Like I tell him, guys like him have to be contageous" said coach Eric Parker "What they bring to the field on Friday nights as far as enthusiasm and enery, he has to be able to get his teammates to rise to that level. I think that's probably going to be a big key for us this year, if guys can match his energy level"

Green has some prime time weapons around him, Reginald Grubbs and Antonio Harold are right there as well. Coach Eric Parker said he'll rely on some sophomores on the offensive line but did say this team is capable of being a special one by the time December rolls around. An early season test for them, friday at the Brickyard against Thomson.

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