Burke County heads into state quarterfinals

Burke County Bears
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Waynesboro, GA -- Burke County is feeling lucky to have its athletic quarterback on the field this week. Donquell Green has completed the transformation from complement to star this season, but there's a bigger goal still ahead.

The quest for back-to-back state titles continues this Friday with a quarterfinal match up at top-ranked Sandy Creek.

The Bears and Patriots have combined for three championships in as many years, so plenty of eyes will be on this one. A lot of those fans wish this game could have waited until a potential state title tilt, but the guys on the field aren't too worried about that.

"I think the bottom line is, if you're going to win a state championship you're going to eventually have to beat a team like a Sandy Creek," said Bears Head Coach Eric Parker. "So, whether it's third round, fourth round, championship round, I don't know that it really matters."

Green added, "It would've been nice for them to be on the other side of the bracket, but we met them. It's here now, so it really doesn't matter. We might as well just get ready for them now."

The Bears tend to take care of everything they have control over. A coin flip isn't one of those things.

Since both teams are a number one seed, that's what decided who would host, and the toss went against BC.

Of course, after last year's 35-point, semifinal win at Gainesville, the Bears don't mind hitting the pavement.

Parker said, "Last year, going to Gainesville was something we probably needed to do. We had not won a significant playoff game on the road, and now you realize going into the playoffs that chances are you'll have to flip a coin at least twice. You're probably going to lose at least one of them so if you're going to win it, you gotta go on the road somewhere and win."

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