Burke County baseball rides 19 game win streak

Burke County Bears
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Monday April 22, 2013

Waynesboro, Ga--Usually this time of year when it comes to baseball we talk a lot about the Columbia County powerhouses. Sure they're still there in the mix. But so to is a team from just down the road in Waynesboro. Burke County, a team on roll.

The Bears have been doing it all as of late and are now riding a 19 game win streak as they play into the semifinals of regionals. First year coach Billy Marchman has put all the pieces in place and it's something that's been in the works for longer then you might think.

"These guys have played for me since they were in the 5th and 6th grade in middle school" said coach Billy Marchman "I coached every guy on this team except a few so I'm using the same system and just have turned it up a little bit since it's high school level"

"I definitely think it makes it easy" said Bobby Gay "We have the trust in him, he's more like a father figure to us and we're more like his kids, he loves us. I think its real easy to coach because he coached us for three years in middle school and having him for our senior year has been a blast"

Things didn't exactly start well for the Bears and lost three of their first four ballgames before this long win streak. Instead of hanging their heads they held a meeting and then everything feel in place.

"A bunch of the seniors and the starting guys, we went in the classroom and sat down and we talked about all the horseplaying and everything that had been going on during practice before the season actually started and I think that got in everbody's head and it made a big difference" said Sheldin Middleton

Bears host South Effingham Tuesday

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