Bulldogs put recent playoff struggles behind them

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Monday, November 19, 2012

The regular season has been no sweat at Silver Bluff the last few years. It's the postseason that's been the issue.

Of course, with a longtime coach like Al Lown in charge, things like that seem to work themselves out eventually.

In the six seasons before this one, the Bulldogs have won 80% of their regular season games, but just over 50% in the playoffs. That included a streak of five straight second round exits that ended just last year.

But now, with two playoff wins already in 2012, the Bluff has its sights set on a trip to the state championship. And just one win stands between them and that golden ticket.

Lown said, "Two years in a row to play for the Lower State title game is pretty big, especially the with the way we won a bunch of games this year. It's been an unbelievable year of comebacks and close games, and we've been able to scratch out wins. So, we're really proud to get back to this game."

Quarterback Jalen Jackson added, "We like that a lot. We do. To be able to play at home in front of all our friends and family and to play the team that put us out last year and get a chance at revenge, we've got a lot of confidence. We think we can do it. We think this is the year for it."

The Bulldogs host the same Bishop England squad that knocked them out a year ago.

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