Brendan Douglas makes a splash for Georgia Bulldogs

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Tuesday September 10, 2013

Athens, Ga--If you ever wondered about the depth of the Georgia running game, wonder no more. Yes, Todd Gurley is the top guy in the stable, yes, Keith Marshall isn't too far behind. But there's a strong number three guy who could move up rather quickly.

Former Aquinas star back Brendan Douglas got into saturday's game with under five minutes left and immediately showed what he was made of. His first collegiate carry, a 17 yarder. He ran with power and speed and wound up with 31 yards on five carries when the game was still in the balance. He has served notice among the Bulldogs and everyone has seen what a workhorse he can be.

"He's a football player. He's a big back, strong kid and not afraid of anything so he did a heck of a job when he got in there" said Aaron Murray

It's just a waiting game for Douglas to see how quickly he can get more playing time. But with his work ethic, don't be surprised if he gets more and more as the season goes on.

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