Bears wide-open attack paying dividends

Burke County Bears
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Burke County has spent most of the season dominating whoever stands across from them on the field. And with this Bears squad, that definitely starts with the offense.

Burke is anything but traditional. They move quickly, aren't concerned with the clock, and are a threat to score on nearly every play. And the bears' uptempo attack isn't just exciting to watch. It's also a nightmare to defend.

Senior wide receiver Devonta Osborne says, "In the middle of games, you see guys on the other sideline bending over, on their knees, gasping for air, and we're still good."

Head Coach Eric Parker thinks the offense makes players more excited to be on the field as well, adding, "The style of ball we play is upbeat and uptempo. I think the kids like playing in it. We don't have receivers thinking that all they're going to do is block. They're going to get the ball."

That description doesn't match at all with this week's opponent, Thomson. The Bulldogs make big plays with their powerful running attack, taking time off the clock and keeping other offenses off the field.

Both approaches have worked so far, and the winner of this week's game gets both a region championship, and an extra playoff game on their home field.

Parker knows the importance of playing at home, saying, "Getting able to stay in your normal routine when it comes to what you do, and staying home and getting prepared and not have to get on the road and travel for three or four hours would be big for us."

The whole team knows firsthand how important those home games can be in the postseason. They had to go on the road in the first round last year, and their season ended that same week.