Bamberg's K.C. Crosby asked to be quarterback to start the year

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Thursday August 22, 2013

Bamberg, SC--When you talk powerhouse programs in South Carolina, Bamberg Ehrhardt is there. Every year a double digit winning team that can contend for a title. This year, the road back got a lot bumpier before the season even started.

Three year starting quarterback Summer Cooler suffered a broken collar bone in a scrimmage and will likely miss at least four weeks. In steps Mr. Everything K.C. Crosby. The Gamecock commit is normally a tight end/ wide receiver.

"I'm still trying to embrace it but everyday I'm just working to get better at that position so that there won't be a dropoff" said KC Crosby

"Right now you got to learn the plays, you have to learn them all." said Kevin Crosby "Even though he knew them but still when you're back there you have to make sure everybody is in the right position instead of just you and maybe one other guy. We're taking it all in stride"

Coach Crosby says this team has delt with plenty of adversity in the past and just have to adjust. No big deal. What's become a big deal, Silver Bluff. Their two losses last year, to the bulldogs, including in the state playoffs.

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