Augusta Prep's Nolan Brandon is our OFL Player of the Week

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Martinez, Ga--When Augusta Prep won their title on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, they did so with a hobbled group of guys. They lost their starting quarterback Nate Pylant late in the week to an elbow injury. One of their other running backs was slowed with an ankle injury. But senior Nolan Brandon was healthy and proved to be the difference maker.

His performance is the reason he's our Acadmey Sports and Outdoors player of the week. 42 carries, 248 yards and a couple of scores. One this 86 yard touchdown run late in the half. When they needed a yard or two, Brandon got them four. Was he tired, you bet, but he had no intention of letting the rest of his teammates down.

"I remember one moment in the first quarter where I was feeling, how am I going to finish this game." said Nolan Brandon "I'm already exhausted, the first quarter just ended, how am I going to be able to do this. Then I started thinking about the team, and all five years I've put in this program and I realized I had to do it, I had to put my best effort out there for the team, for my family, for everybody that's supported me for these five years"

"I know it's a coach's cliche but this kid is a great kid" said Harry Bacheller "He's a role model in the classroom, he's one or second in our school. He's a role model in the weight room. He and Nate (Pylant) and Kevin (Huggins) own about every record up there on the record board and he's very humble"

Who said good guys finish last? To cap off the story, Brandon will be headed to the Naval Academy next year and will try to walk on the football team.

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