Antoine the glue to 3rd ranked Lady Pacers' undefeated team

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aiken, SC -- Holiday season is always a good time for people to remember the things they're thankful for, and if you're Mike Brandt there's plenty of good to find.

Just take a look at his third-ranked Lady Pacers.

The cast of characters is impressive. Kayla Harris is a candidate for DII Player of the Year, Daniela Tarailo has a knack for nailing the clutch three, and Brittany Hill is a major presence as the team's floor general.

But there's one important piece who doesn't normally get the headlines...senior guard Mia Antoine.

If the others are the faces of the team, Antoine is the glue who holds it all together. No matter what's going on, she always seems to come up with whatever it takes to win.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with stats, and other times she steps up and scores in double digits like she did in the Lady Pacers' four-point win Wednesday against Anderson.

Whatever it takes, Mia's there to get the job done.

"I'm really like, a pick up person," she said. "I'm not going to be scoring 30 points per game, but I'm going to be there for support, and I'm going to do what I can every time I can."

And while her contributions aren't always noticed on the stat line, her coach knows what he has.

Brandt said, "Who's in there getting the rebounds? Mia. She's going in there crashing the boards getting a rebound, stepping up and hitting shots, making good cuts to the basket and getting herself open to make layups. Defensively, she's always stellar for us. She always does a good job defensively. She's one of our great leaders we have on this team here."

The Lady Pacers, the defending Peach Belt Conference champions, have their sights set high this year. A national title is their goal, and if they get it done, you can bet Mia Antoine played her role to perfection.

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