Anna Tovo leading Aiken on the volleyball court

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Thursday September 12, 2013


Aiken, SC--While it might not be totally expected, the Aiken volleyball team is chasing another state championship appearance. Currently ranked number two in the state. The better news this year, Anna Tovo, one of the best around, is healthy and ready to lead. Though, she's not looking for the attention.

The number one player on the number one team in the state. Aiken's Anna Tovo can dominate with the powerful spikes and sets. But don't ask her about the stats.

"I couldn't care less who gets the point, who wins or whatever...As long as we win as a team. That's all I really care about." said Anna Tovo

" The old john wooden quote, "it's amazing what can happen when nobody cares who gets the credit." she's like that. She wants to play her best and do well and she does a very good job at that." said coach Malynda Young

A good job indeed. The senior, Tovo has taken on multiple top player awards during her career. Including an mvp this past weekend. Tovo tallied 62 kills in just five matches.

"Anna's extremely crucial to this team. She gets a lot of kills, she can dig, she can pass, she can set. She can run the floor...She can really do it all." added Young

And that's what hurt Tovo the most when she wasn't able to play. Suffering a torn acl, Tovo missed most of her junior season only pushing her love for the game.

"i've never been away from the game. I guess that part was hard being away, but that just made me want to work harder." said Tovo

Another banner in the rafters. The obvious goal for Tovo and her team. And she'll do it her way leading by example.

"Try and do my best to keep everyone focused on winning." said Tovo

As a senior, she's weighing her college options. One interesting school showing some interest, the University of Alaska. Tovo says she'll visit in October.

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