Aiken looks to restore the glory under a new head coach

Aiken High School
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Monday August 5, 2013

Aiken, SC--It's been a rough go of it lately for the hornets of Aiken. But in the off season, Carey Johnson stepped down as head coach and Brian Neal was hired as the new man to lead the Hornets back to prominence.

Neal has a good track record after taking McCormick to the state title game a year ago. This is a little different seeing it's 4-A and the task may be just as difficult. Getting more kids out has been a priority as they want to develop depth and get the best athletes in the right spots.

"We're not really going to be up tempo so to speak, on the field as far as quick paced, no huddle type of stuff" said coach Brian Neal "We are wanting to do things efficiently and not waste a lot of time in what we're doing"

"Just work hard and don't put your head down or whatever, just keep looking ahead and things will get better and keep fighting through it" said Nakeem Spann "If somebody scored on us, we use to drop our heads and were like we don't have a chance, but this year we're going to try not to do that"

Nakeem Spann returns in the backfield. While D'andre Pope and some youngsters will lead the defense. Even Neal admits he's still learning some of the names but if they crank up the intensity like he wants them too, he'll learn them real quick as they start to restore some of the glory with the program.

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