Aiken looks for big strides in year two of the Brian Neal era

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Aiken High School

Aiken, SC--When Brian Neal was at McCormick, it took him two short years to take a program in disarray to the state title game. Now in his second year in Aiken, the bar has been raised. Whether they can get that far, it may be a stretch, but look for this squad to compete, week after week.

Maybe the biggest difference this year, Neal knows the players and the players know him. They got a late start last season and it was a work in progress all year. Just the relationship between a coach and his players can go a long way in the success of a football team.

"Block, tackle, and do the things you're suppose to do" said coach Brian Neal "We've got to get the things right. We felt like we've settled on a scheme. Last year we were all over the place a little bit, offensive especially. We've kind of settled things down and we've got people where they need to be. Last year getting people in the right place was an issue we felt like."

"We just have to work a little harder. We got talent, we all have talent out here. We just have to put in the hard work" said Jaylen Smith

One big change for the Hornets, they drop down to 3A. While it sounds good on paper, they're still in a tough region. Coach Neal said they'll find out where they are real quick as they open up with Strom Thurmond. Win or lose, Neal thinks he'll it'll be a good indicator on whether or not they're headed in the right direction.

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