Aiken bowler strikes perfection twice

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June 24, 2014

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AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- So often in sports, the game is about chasing perfection. In baseball, 27 outs without a walk or hit-- a perfect game.

In gymnastics, ten's from the judges and, hey, you're perfect. As for bowling, 300 is the sacred mark. All bowlers chase it, few reach it.

"After I did it, I was literally shaking. That was such a huge accomplishment. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Lightning struck twice that night," Aiken bowler Rick Pues said.

Forty years of waiting, working and bowling. Pues had the night he's been searching for at Strike House Bowl.

"I threw a solid ball, the release was good, I carried all the strikes," Pues said reliving the night frame by frame.

Pues is a scratch bowler-- he's good, but there's a difference between good and perfect. The fine line between those two terms didn't apply on a Wednesday night of league bowling.

"Everything came off my hand perfect that night," Pues said.

It was a perfect night bowled over twice. Pues not only scored his first perfect game in 40 years of playing the sport. He bowled two of them. A perfect game holds about the same odds as a hole-in-one in the golf course. Two games of 300 in one set. Well, the odds are tough to compute.

"I would hope I would get it once. I'm pretty sure I thought I could do one, but to do two in one night...I never thought that was going to happen," Pues said.

The unthinkable did. However, for Pues, there's more to ponder. Another 300 isn't out of the question.

"I'm hoping for one more at least, but we'll see what happens," Pues said with a laugh.

Lightning struck twice-- maybe it can strike again.

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