ARC's Jordan clears the way for state record

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March 19, 2014 AUGUSTA, Ga-- Track and field may not always get the attention it deserves. This rising star certainly deserves some time.

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Richmond Academy high jumper Tosha Jordan is only an inch and a quarter away from the state record. The best part about it, she's only a sophomore.

File this name away for the future, Jordan has the potential to be a record holder.. The high jumper started in track and field during middle school. With only a few years of training, she's cleared 5'9".

The next step is the Georgia state record set at 5' 101/4". With so much time to improve, a promising future awaits the sophomore.

"It's the best part about it (her age). To get someone like her, that has so much raw natural talent and then technique, form and skill...and add those things to it. We watched her progress in the hurdles and the high jump.

"It means a lot (to chase the record). It would mean that I've tried my hardest to have done that well. I'll just keep trying to do what I can to beat it," Jordan said.

Jordan finished the 2013 season ranked 19th nationally at the high school level. It's the highest ranking for a female high jumper in the state of Georgia.