ARC ready to contend despite youth being served

Richmond Academy football
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Monday August 26, 2013

Augusta, Ga--With a front loaded schedule, don't be shocked if Richmond Acadmey takes a lump or two before region play begins. But one thing's for sure, they won't just roll over to teams. The Musketeers have some skill players and a big force on defense that should make this squad one of the better teams in the metro area.

On offense it starts wtih quarterback Tony Daggett. The junior quarterback will be asked to do a little more seeing they don't have their leading rusher from a year ago. Then you have Indiana committ Willie Yarbary on defense. He's a terror to block and should cause all sorts of problems. Going against him on a daily basis is making his teammates work harder.

"We have people that try to block him and they get upset when they can't block him so they're really working hard to try to get on his level" said Chris Hughes "They see his work ethic and coachability. He's such a good guy and he's coachable and it's really wearing off on everybody else."

"We're pretty close." said Willie Yarbary "We have a lot of leaders stepping up this year like Travis Beatty and Zac (mitchell) And things like that. We have a good little bond. We lost a good amount of seniors last year but we have to regroup and everything"

While Yarbary will be the focus up front, coach hughes says he's defensive secondardy is probably the strength. He's got a young team full of energy that's been flying to the ball early on, and is confident once region play hits, they'll be a contender. They open the season Friday at Evans.

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