ARC ladies tennis continues to swing in the state playoffs

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Monday May 6, 2013

Augusta, Ga--Spring sport titles will be handed out this week on the tennis courts. Two area teams still alive and well. The ladies at Lakeside and Richmond Academy. Lady Musketeers will have more than their hands full taking on Marist in the semis.

ARC isn't going to spend too much time worrying about the team across the court, though. Despite having a young squad with just a single senior, the lady Musketeers are actually back to this point for the second straight year. Last year a close loss kept them from battling for the title. That experience will definitely help this time around.

"This year I'm just more excited and ready to win. I'm more motivated to win this year. I think since we had experience last year we are ready to complete it and win."

"They're just competitive. They do not want to lose. Losing is not an option. They've never said, 'Oh my goodness, we've got to go play this team?' They're like, 'We're going down here, and we're going to win.' It's never even been an option to lose."

ARC will have its work cut out for it tomorrow, traveling to Marist. A team who has swept every match in the state tournament so far. This team doesn't seem intimidated by much of anything though, so don't be surprised if they're playing for a championship later this week.

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