Former NASCAR Champ in Augusta

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News 12 @ 6 Sept 10

Augusta, Ga--We've reached the race to the chase on the NASCAR circuit and the top 12 will now be vying for the richest payday in the sports history. But how many of you knew Augusta use to be a hot bed for NASCAR??

That's right, Augusta even had its own track which was located at the Diamond Lakes Regional Park back in the 60's. Such big names as Glen "Fireball" Roberts and Richard Petty use to race here. This past weekend was a celebration of the rich racing history in town and 1960 NASCAR champ Rex White was among those in attendence. Obviously the sport has changed over the years but white knows today's guys could have competed with his era.

"There's a lot of drivers that are good and would have been good drivers back then." said former NASCAR champ Rex White. "Racing hasn't changed that much, just they travel by a jet now instead of riding in the back of a car, sleeping in a car adn things like that."

This week NASCAR is in New Hamshire for the first of the final 10 races. Jimmie Johnson starts with the points lead.