Bulldogs Can't Make Plays When Needed

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News 12 @ 6 Sept. 10, 2007

Athens, Ga--While there's still plenty of smiles on the faces of south carolina fans, i'm sure there's a quizzical look on those georgia fans...As in what happened!!! Bottom line of what happend, the dogs just couldn't find the way to the end zone.

Blame who you want or what you want but it was a comibination of things. Sure Matthew Stafford will take the heat, but at times he was under heavy pressure from the U.S.C. defense, who played pretty awesome by the way. Not just that, dropped passes came into play. Put 'em all together and the result, well you know by now.

"We didn't execute, that's what it boils down to." said Jefferson County product Fernando Velasco. "Our offense didn't just execute and the closer we got to the end zone, the better the South Carolina defense got and we didn't execute."

Wide Receiver Tripp Chandler said, "We had a few catches, I had a few catches over the middle, but I dropped another one over the middle so we just have to execute as an offense and make plays when we have chances."

"It hurts especially when you work hard all week and you come out and just come up short. As a defensive team we played good, but not good enough." said CJ Byrd.

Georgia will look to regroup against Western Carolina saturday. Kickoff is slated for 1PM.