Gamecocks "D" shuts down Georgia

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News 12 @ 11 Sunday Sept 9
Athens, Ga-- Winning ugly. It may be the new moniker for Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks. They did just that in their opener, then last night, a repeat performance. But they'll take it, especially over Georgia.

On the stat sheet, this game was pretty much dead even. On the scoreboard, close, wiith Carolina getting a 16-12 win. Cory Boyd led U.S.C. with 78 yards on the ground while the true stars of this one was defense. They held Georgia out of the endzone and held them to just 3 of 18 third down conversions. Led by the Brinkley boys, the Gamecocks made a statement.

"Our defensive line got a lot of pressure up front all night" said South Carolina's Jasper Brinkley. "So far since I've been here I think this is the best defense stand we've ever had. We played a ranked team and we just came out on top."

"They did a great job!" quarterback Blake Mitchell said. "They were all over the quarterback and playing great and they had great coverage and they did an excellent job for us and held them to field goals and that's all you can ask for."

Georgia will try to pick up the pieces against Western Carolina while the Gamecocks get South Carolina State. Both are home games.