Bands prepare for football season

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August 24, 2007

North Augusta, SC---Chuck Deen is band director and former graduate of North Augusta High School. He says the record high temperatures have posed quite a challenge. Deen goes on to say, "There have been times that we've not been able to get the work done that we needed to because of the heat. So we are gonna do a stand still performance tonight."

After all, the show must go on. The band and cheerleaders were on hand for the school's first pep rally of the season Friday. Drum major, Ian Calk, says, "The first game is always intense and very exciting."

Practice makes perfect. Even the 100 plus temperatures outside couldn't slow down the 174 member band at North Augusta High School. Just this past week the air went out in the band room. Mr. Deen says, "It's been pretty rough on us, so we've gone from warm inside to warmer outside but we're doing well."

The practice schedule is 3 days a week for at least two hours each day. The routine includes water breaks every ten to fifteen minutes, snacks like freeze pops and crackers, and even ice towels to keep students cool. Ian says, "It's been so hot and sometimes we have to take breaks and come inside and practice music."

At the end of the day Chuck says the students do their best to keep in step. He says, "The kids take it very seriously and they work very hard to do the best they can. I, as their director can't ask for any more." The air was back up and running at the end of the day, Friday.

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