Double Vision

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COLUMBIA, S.C.---University of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier holds both Casper and Jasper Brinkley up as examples of ideal Gamecocks. They go to class, go to meetings and do whatever they need to to be successfull. And, oh yeah, they're both monsters on the field.

Jasper burst onto the scene at linebacker in his first season in Columbia and led the defense with over a hundred tackles and is an All-American candidate this season. Twin brother Casper isn't far behind. He made an impression last season at defensive end and has now been switched to linebacker with his brother. It's given Jasper the chance to teach his slightly older twin a few things.

Casper says, "Coming to linebacker, tell you the truth, I didn't know any of the formations or nothin' but, everyday after practice, Jap used to go over the formations with me 'til I learned them. I got it down."

"I kind of laugh if he mess up," says Jasper. "If I mess up then he'll kind of laugh at me so we still got that little twin competition going on."

If you have a hard time telling the two apart, you aren't alone. Since birth, they've been getting mixed up and even now, with a much higher profile, mistakes happen.

"Actually it's kind of funny," laughs Casper. "Because it seems like, by now, everybody would get us right, but they don't."

Jasper says, "It's always exciting because you can see the look on people's faces when they call me Casper. They just know I be Casper and...I be Jasper."

The Brinkley's credit their parents with their strong work ethic. Something that they hope helps bring an SEC championship to Columbia this season and maybe a ring they can wear home to Thomson.

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