National college disc golf tournament on going in North Augusta

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Thursday April, 15, 2010

North Augusta, SC--It's golf of a different sorts this week in North Augusta. The National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship on going for the next few days at the Hippodrome. Talk about an event that's taken off.

This marks year number four and to put things in perspective, they had six teams the first time around. This year, 26 squads are taking part. Now we're not just talking from schools nearby. Yea, they've come from California and Oregon to be part of the event. This has become a premier competition for the college kids.

"There's definitely a lot more competition this year" said Oregon's Derek Penfield "We hope to do well and there's a lot of good teams out here and we hope to play our best and get up there with them. It's definitely grown since last year and hopefully in a few years it'll double in size and more people will come out and show support for disc golf and this growing sport."

"I think definitely at the collegiate level it's growing tremendously." added Penn State's James Kelly "I saw some statistics somewhere that there's been 2200 disc golf courses, new ones, just put in the last ten years."

Now you may wonder why they carry so many discs, well, just like real golf, they're used for different things. Some have a little different aerodynamics to them then others and they actually "putt" with different discs as well. The event continues through Sunday

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