Former Bonds manager weighs in

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News 12 @ 6, July 24

Augusta, Ga.--"I never saw this guy pressing, and I saw today in the newspaper, that this guy isn't really concerned about anything," said Felipe Alou

One guy who knows plenty about Barry Bonds and his quest to break Hank Aaron's home run record is his former Giants manager, Felipe Alou. Alou, now in the team's front office, is in Augusta this week visiting with the Greenjackets.

Alou spent four years as bonds field boss in San
Francisco and has earlier ties with he and aaron. He was a teammate with the hammer just before Aaron broke the record. He's also known barry since he was a kid. Through all the pressure's Bonds has been facing, on and off the field, Alou hasn't had to say much to him.

"I don't believe he needs a whole lot of advice." said former Giants manager Felipe Alou. "I just use to put his name in the lineup and every once and a while he'd come in and say hey old man, I need a day off, and he got the day off. I never really saw this guy pressing."

Besides talking about Bonds, Alou also has been impressed with what he's seen with the Greenjackets, namely the pitching staff.

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