Charity ride roars through Augusta

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What are you doing on your summer vacation? For more than a couple hundred folks, time off from work means time to hop on a motorcycle and drive down the East Coast. All in an effort to raise money for kids.

275 motorcycles roared into the Garden City tonight.
The Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America made it's way into downtown Augusta just before 7 this evening. Today's trek started in Virginia with a couple of stops along the way.

The group is being led by Nascar driver Kyle Petty himself as well as other celebrities including Georgia football legend Herschel Walker. Even without a facemask, Walker somehow looks right in any kind of helmet. Walker signed on for the ride because of it's purpose. Helping children's charities including the Petty's own Victory Junction Gang Camp for chronically ill children.

Walker says, "I learned a long time ago from coach Dooley and coach Landry that, no matter who you are, you gotta give back. No matter whether you're an athlete. entertainer, just a normal person, you didn't get to where you're at by yourself. There was people that helped you along so you got to reach back and help someone else as well."

To date, Kyle Petty's Ride Across America has donated more than 9 million dollars to charity. The group will be heading to St. Augustine, Florida tomorrow.

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