Telford Does it All for the Foxhounds

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News 12 @ 6 July 16

Aiken, SC--At age 41, Anthony Telford is not your average pitching coach. You see, he's doing double duty with the Aiken Foxhounds. Besides teaching, he's also pitching, and pitching pretty good mind you.

"I think it's easy to do at my age because of two reasons," said Anthony Telford. "One, I'm not trying to go to the big leagues so there's no pressure. Two, I've done it so much I understand the thought process needed behind it just to go out there and throw the ball in the strike zone.

Despite not wanting to pitch, Telford's still enjoying it. He's also one of tops in the league in earned run average. It keeps the younger kids off his back.

"How they going to get on my case? I'm in the top ten in the league for crying out loud" Telford says with a hearty laugh. "What are they going to say?"

Every now and then, they do get him, but he always has a defense.

Telford said, "I got fined in kangaroo court for talking on the field too long and my defense was the only way I could get a rest between innings was to stay out there and talk because they get out so fast that I have to run back out there"

One thing's for sure, a lot of these kids have learned quite a bit and Telford is most proud of that. His job is to get these guys better.

Telford said, "I think the biggest challenge I’ve had to deal with is keeping guys focused on what it takes to get to the big leagues and to get out of independent ball."

Telford's convinced some of these guys have earned a promotion to a higher classification.

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